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Lesson Fee​

Pre-school education       4 times / month (30min / lesson) 8000 yen / month


          Beginner level       4 times / month (30min / lesson) 9000 yen / month

          Intermediate level   4 times / month (40min / lesson) 11000 yen / month


          Advanced level       4 times / month (60min / lesson) 15000 yen / month


​* Usually, we have 4 times lessons a month. In Jan, May, Aug, Sep, Dec, we have 3 times lessons a month without the change of lesson fee. 43 times lessons / year in total (including 1 time concert for students). The lesson fee does not include fee for textbooks. I can provide lessons in various range of levels (from beginner to very advanced) in Japanese, German (fluent), English (intermediate level). 


Educational policy​

Under construction


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