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Marie Kitamura Piano Class

Marie Kitamura Piano Class

Greetings from the lecturer



I would be happy to help enrich your lives through piano!

As of August 2017, I completely returned to Japan after living in Germany and Switzerland for 7 years. While there, I studied chamber music and solo, and after graduating, I taught many students from children to adults as a church pianist, accompanist, and piano instructor at a music school.


Through various experiences and encounters, I have learned once again the joy and wonder of feeling and expressing music from the heart. Have fun, be bright, and be conscious of achieving your goals! I would be happy if I could learn from this and help everyone enrich their lives through the piano.


The lesson room is completely soundproofed and has been carefully created so that you can experience the warm and soft sound of the piano, reminiscent of the sounds of Europe.

Marie Kitamura



Marie Kitamura

​ Born in Aichi Prefecture (Nagoya City), started playing the piano at the age of 3. Graduated from Ferris University, Faculty of Music, Department of Performance, and Graduate School of Music, Ferris University. In 2013, received the national performance qualification from the chamber music department of the Swiss National University of Music Zurich. Graduated from the same graduate school as a solo performer in 2016. He has studied solo and chamber music with Takako Oguri, Akiko Koyama, Hiroshi Kurokawa, Yukiko Hori, Tomoko Ogasawara, Urich Koela, Stefka Perifonova, Friedemann Rieger, Ganin Kokei Kamultas, and Karl Andreas Collie. . Studied harpsichord with Michael Biel and organ with Tobias Wills. ​

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Lessons where your child can shine through the piano.

栗田 桃子 非常勤講師

We will help you take your first step into the world of music! From beginner to advanced, improve your skills with fun lessons tailored to your individual level. We strive to provide lessons that are tailored to the goals and preferences of our students and bring out their free thinking and expressiveness. It is important to learn music while having fun, so we provide an environment where students can grow without stress. Let's discover the wonders of music together and share the excitement.




piano keyboard

adult piano(Junior high school students and above)

Many students attend, ranging from college students to people in their 70s. Even though all of my students are busy with work, housework, and childcare, I feel like they find time on their own to practice hard and truly enjoy playing the piano.


Seeing them move me deeply and remind me of the importance of continuing to strive for a goal and the wonders of truly loving and enjoying music. I am grateful for meeting everyone. I would be happy if I could help you pursue the piano while enjoying it as a lifelong partner.

[Twice a monthSun course】

  • 40 minutes/time 8,000 yen/month 

  • 50 minutes/time 10,000 yen/month

  • 60 minutes/time 12,000 yen/month

[3 lessons per month]Sun course】

  • 40 minutes/time 12,000 yen/month

  • 50 minutes/Times 14,000 yen/month

  • 60 minutes/time 17,000 yen/month

children's piano

To all the pianists you respect, what kind of teacher did you have as a child? When I asked this question, all they had in common was that he was a teacher who did his best to teach me the joy of playing the piano! The answer comes back. Our goal is for students to first experience the music by touching the piano, and then to truly enjoy the piano through lessons, so that they will fall in love with the piano and continue playing the piano for many years to come.

piano lessons

[3-4 lessons per month]Sun course】

  • 30 minutes/time 9,000 yen/month 

Introduction to infants (piano basics, one-handed playing)

  • 30分/回 9,000円/月 

Elementary school students and above(3-4 lessons per month)

[Beginner (basic two-handed playing)]

[Intermediate (Burgmuller Sonatine level)]

[Advanced (sonata level)]

  • 30 minutes/time 10,000 yen/month

  • 30 minutes/time 10,000 yen/month

  • 45 minutes/time 13,000 yen/month

  • 45 minutes/time 13,000 yen/month

  • 60 minutes/time 16,000 yen/month

  • 40 lessons per year (including one piano recital)

  • ​If you wish to take the entrance exam for a music high school or music college, or study abroad or take part in a competition, please contact us as we will propose a curriculum that suits your individual needs (we will introduce you to a teacher at the university you wish to study at) is also possible)

  • ​Lessons in German and English are available for foreigners only.


online lessons

Students from faraway places such as Kanagawa, Nagoya, and Osaka, who are busy with work or schoolwork and don't have time to come to the lesson room, use this space during their break time. All the students are very happy that they felt refreshed after the lesson, and they realize once again the greatness of music. Regardless of your level, you can enjoy lessons on the digital piano.

[Twice a monthSun course】

  • 40 minutes/time 8,000 yen/month

[3 lessons per month]Sun course】

  • 40 minutes/time 12,000 yen/month

piano over sheet music

spot lesson

Recommended for those who would like to hear the teacher's opinion before a competition or school accompaniment audition. We also welcome those who would like to play this piece of music they have always admired, even if they cannot afford to attend regularly every week.

[1 lesson on pianoSoon(regardless of age)]

  • 60 minutes/time 6,000 yen/month

  • 90 minutes/time 9,000 yen/month

[Solfege music book]

  • 30 minutes 2,000 yen/time

  • 45 minutes 3,500 yen/time

  • 60 minutes 5,000 yen/time

[Lesson time and schedule]

  1. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your lesson time, as this may disrupt the lesson of the student in front of you.

  2. Please note that if you are late, we will not be able to extend your lesson.

  3. Please contact us as soon as possible regarding changes to lesson days and times.

  4. For your child's students, please check the lesson schedule listed in the monthly fee bag you receive at the end of the month.

  5. If you are a student enrolled in a lesson plan, please contact us by the 25th of the previous month to inform us of the next month's available lesson dates and times. Especially on Saturdays, there are many people who want lessons, so please don't forget.

We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please refrain from making transfers in the following cases.

  • Please inform us of your absence on the day of the lesson.

  • I would like to reschedule the make-up lesson again.

  • Two or more make-up lessons within a month

  • If schedules do not match, the teacher for the make-up lesson may change.

Instructors may also become unwell or have concerts scheduled. In that case, we will ask you to reschedule the lesson on a different day.

Please be sure to let us know within one week whether you would like to take a trial lesson and become a member. If you wish to cancel your membership, please let us know as soon as possible (at least one month in advance). Please refrain from sudden withdrawal.

2,00 as joining fee when joiningWe have received 0 yen.

[Monthly fee]
Please put it in your monthly payment bag and bring it with you at the beginning of the month. (Transfer is also possible)
Textbook fees will be charged separately.

We charge an equipment fee of 2,000 yen/year in April every year to cover the cost of operating the classroom.

In order to build a relationship of trust between instructors and students and enjoy lessons, we ask that you set many small goals and make time to play the piano every day at home. Please note that if you do not meet the classroom policy, you may be forced to withdraw from your membership.


trial lesson

Trial Lesson

Would you like to open the door to music and have a fulfilling time? Discover a new world of music and develop your talent with a trial lesson. Please feel free to contact us. Let's start our musical journey together!

About the classroom

About the classroom

Meidaimae classroom

  • Equipment: 7 tatami mats, 1 Yamaha C3 piano

  • Applicable lessons: Available from infants to adults.

  • access
    3 minute walk from Meidaimae Station on the Keio Line in the direction of Daitabashi. 1-chome Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Wada classroom

  • 設備:10帖(サロン風) シゲルカワイSK5ピアノ1台

  • 対応レッスン:大人の生徒さん、音楽を専門的に学ばれたい方のみ一部のレッスンについて対応可

  • アクセス

Classroom results

Classroom results


  • Japan Classical Competition National Tournament 5th place

  • ​Japan Bach Competition National Competition Selected ​

  • Tokyo International Piano Competition Lower Grade Division Jury Award

  • Elise Music Festival National Competition Gold Award, Bronze Award, EME Award

  • ​School Choral Contest Accompanist Grand Prize, Best Player Award

Further education

  • Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Toho Gakuen Junior College

  • Toho Gakuen University

  • Faculty of Music, Callidos University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

  • Private University of the Arts Vienna (Austria)

Event held


female pianist

Our classroom holds recitals, concerts, and previews three times a year. By practicing hard for the actual performance and performing in front of the audience, you will discover new challenges and become even more motivated by setting goals for the following year (songs you want to play, how to produce sounds, expressions, etc.)
The goal is to have you upload.

When the performance is over, everyone will be surprised to see that their performance and expressiveness have been refined, as if by magic. It will also be a place for students to interact with each other, so we encourage you to participate. (There are some students who don't think a real performance is necessary because they want to enjoy playing the piano at their own pace.

We fully respect each student's ideas, so participation is voluntary.)We encourage your students to participate as much as possible.

2024 schedule

Presentation (children & adults)

You will be able to perform your favorite songs to the fullest in a large hall that can accommodate up to 400 people.

Date and time: Saturday, June 22, 2024 Time to be determined
place:Setagaya Ward Karasuyama Civic Hall

Trial performance (children & adults)

We provide an opportunity to perform at a salon as a rehearsal one week before the recital.

Date and time: Sunday, June 16, 2024 10:00-13:00
Location: Shibuya-ku KM Art Hall

Concert (adult)

We will create a flyer and hold the concert in the form of a concert. Our goal is to create a wonderful space where the hearts of many customers and performers can connect.

Date and time: December 15, 2024 (Sat) 10:30-12:30
Location: Shibuya-ku KM Art Hall

We introduce our students' performances on our blog.

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Contact form


For inquiries about the classroom or to apply for a trial lesson, please click here.


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