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​♫About the classroom

As of August 2017, I completely returned to Japan after living in Germany and Switzerland for 7 years. While there, I studied chamber music and solo, and after graduating, I taught over 20 students as a church pianist, accompanist, and piano instructor at a music school. Through various experiences and encounters, I have learned once again the joy and wonder of feeling and expressing music from the heart. To the pianists you respect, what kind of teacher did you practice with when you were a child? When I asked this question, the common answer was that I really enjoyed playing the piano! The answer comes back. I think the most important thing is to first touch the piano, experience the music, and truly enjoy the piano through lessons! !

The room is fully soundproofed and equipped with a C3 Yamaha grand piano that can produce a warm and soft tone reminiscent of the sounds of Europe. Rather than creating music by hitting the keys, I hope we can all share in the joy of creating music filled with comfort and love by actually imagining beautiful sounds with our minds and bodies.

♩Lecturer's greeting

lesson room

​🐕Private lessons tailored to individual age and goals

We incorporate infant rhythmics for children aged 2 to 4 so that they can experience the charm of the piano. Rhythmics involve moving your body to feel the rhythm, exercising your brain by drawing or coloring, and developing your expressiveness by reading picture books and incorporating music to actually play the role of the main character. Make it a goal. There are individual differences, but from the age of 4 onwards, we will consult with your child and choose texts to help them learn various techniques to improve their expressiveness.

​Using my experience as a teacher in Switzerland, I can teach lessons that incorporate English and German using local texts. Would you like to try not only playing the piano but also learning a language other than Japanese?

🐕Adult students are also very welcome! ! !

🐶 I've always wanted to try playing the piano, or I used to play it and want to play it again! Adults are very welcome! I am currently teaching 8 adult students (50-80 years old). I would like you to consult with me, find your goals together, and have fun playing the piano. I want to play this song! I want to try ensemble! Please feel free to contact us for any reason.

🐶Solfeggio lesson (music book/sight reading/listening)
Solfege, which is the foundation of music, is essential to playing the piano. Along with practical lessons, we will also teach solfege.

​🐶Lessons in German and English

​🐶 Infant rhythm and introduction

🐕​Lessons for music college entrance exams, competitions, and studying abroad

🐶For those who wish to take the entrance exam for a music college, we not only provide piano lessons in preparation for the entrance exam, but we also provide friendly advice on choosing a university and planning for the future so that you can continue playing piano for a long time.

🐶For those who wish to study abroad, we can guide you to the Zurich University of the Arts (Switzerland), the Basel University of Music (Switzerland), the Freiburg University of Music (Germany), and the Stuttgart University of Music (Germany). We will help you not only with how to fill out the application form and choose the required songs, but also with all communication with local teachers.


​🐶For those who want to take on a competition, we will introduce various competitions according to your level and wishes. (Please feel free to contact us as we would like to introduce you to taking a master course or competing in a competition overseas during your summer vacation.)

🐶Towards qualification acquisition

We provide lessons necessary for obtaining qualifications as a nursery teacher or kindergarten teacher. We can also provide information on Yamaha grade testing, so please contact us.

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